Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Reburial of Richard III

By now, many of you are undoubtedly aware that human remains found buried underneath a car park last September in the city of Leicester, England have been confirmed this week to be the body of King Richard III.  Here is an image of the mostly intact skeleton of the last of the Plantagenet kings.  The severity of his lateral scoliosis (curved spine) is easily observed. 

Leicester took charge of the remains, and in the end, he was buried there.

Richard should have been given a respectful and honored reburial in York Cathedral.  It is what he would have wanted: Richard endowed a chantry at York and visited many times, stating his intention for burial there.

Richard's rule and person was systematically maligned by the Tudor dynasty (the victor always gets to write the history); Shakespeare picked up the mantle and embellished the myths of the monstrosity of Richard.  Now, perhaps, history will re-examine Richard's reign and produce a more balanced view.  


trav4adventures said...

Yes, I saw that on the news. Very interesting! I am glad that he will finally be laid to rest in peace in a dignified place.

Kevin said...

Update: Looks like the fight is lost, and Leicester gets to keep Richard's remains. He is slated for a dignified burial sometime in the next year. I will be sure to update the blog upon the occasion.