Saturday, December 29, 2007

Welcome and an Introduction

The idea for this blog had its inception in a Web-based pathfinder project during my days as a graduate student in library studies at SUNY Buffalo. A few of you may even remember my Website that evolved from the project, which was recently taken off-line when I changed Internet service providers. A blog seems a much more interactive and user-friendly approach to managing the information I've gathered. Since I'm a newbie to the "blogosphere," I beg your indulgence while I learn my way around the scene here. SCOPE NOTE: This blog will focus upon discussing resources, both print and online, of medieval European genealogy and biography. I have a particular interest in the Holand family, descendants of John of Gaunt via his daughter, Elizabeth of Lancaster--my entry point to the Plantagenets.

Opinions expressed concerning the veracity of source materials and their usefulness to the researcher are entirely my own, and are intended solely as a helpful guide. I own, or have utilized, many of the resources that will be mentioned on this blog. While most of the materials that will receive mention on this blog are non-fiction in nature, I also solicit contributions from readers concerning their favorite Plantagenet-era fiction works.

I invite comments and contributions from anyone, novice or experienced, interested in this most fascinating period in history.


Unknown said...

I just wanted to say thank you for all your work. You have helped me out a lot when I had questions on the mailing lists.
I have a huge interest in this period of history. So much so, that I am curently pursuing my PhD. My dissertion will have to do with the Plantagenets.
Again, thanks for the help and all the work.

Kevin said...

You are very welcome! Please stop by the blog often!

Unknown said...

My mother was a student of history, particularly of English history, and probably should have majored in history in college rather than library science. I wish she were still alive so I could share with her what I have learned of my father's family history; she would have been fascinated to learn that we are descended from the Plantagenets - not that this entitles us to bragging rights, as you have pointed out, since there are many living descendants. Unfortunately both my parents are deceased, and my father's last living sibling is well into her 90's. But it would have made for some interesting discussions.